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Suzhou Oriza Holdings Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Oriza Holdings”), is an investment holding company in charge of over 50 billion Yuan. Its business covers equity investment, credit finance and equity investment services, including China’s first Equity Investment Fund of Funds, the first science and finance market .

In more than ten years, Oriza Holdings, motivated by the mission and vision of “Leading in the equity investment, practicing in creation of science and technology, and creating continuous value”, builds an integrated system of investment and financing business, Assisted by professional investment service system, Oriza Holdings has achieved a great success in exploring financial creation, boosting science creation, guiding fund accumulation and upgrading industries through the coordination of the three businesses of capital operation, risk control and operation allocation.

Since 2001, Oriza Holdings has been committed to the equity investment area. There are different subordinate focuses on different investment period and area. By the end of 2019, 731 deals invested by the direct investment platform and a total value of over RMB 215 billion funds under management; The VC FoFs invested in 106 portfolio funds, total size of the portfolio funds is over RMB107.6 billion, with over 1840 portfolio companies invested; 99portfolio companies on the equity investment have already succeeded in IPO.

In 2010, Oriza Holdings, together with the CDB Capital Company, established the largest RMB Fund of Funds-Guochuang Fund of Funds, of which the VC Fund of Funds (Guochuang Oriza Holdings Venture Capital Fund) is managed by Oriza Holdings. It was used to invest the early and long-term venture capital funds.

In 2017,Sandlake Fund Town,which is the only town relevant to financial industry,has been successfully listed one of the first batch of 25 provincial featured towns. By the end of June. 2019, Sandlake Fund Town has gathered 302 equity investment funds, a total of 211 billion Yuan, 7 credit financing services and over 4500 investment enterprises.

Oriza Holdings, committed to the corporate culture of aggressiveness and creation, offers an overall help to the enterprises that lack of capital. It is the first option for the enterprises. What’s more, it tries to become a world-leading investment holding company!