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Oriza Hua

Oriza Hua is the integrated circuit industry investment platform of Oriza Holding.

The integrated circuit industry is the core of the information technology industry. It is also a strategic, fundamental and guiding industry that supports economic and social development, and guarantees national security. As a professional semiconductor industry investment platform, core team of Oriza Huachuang are local and returnee semiconductor entrepreneurs, and professionals from the most active and successful semiconductor investment fund in China. The team has more than 20 years’ experience in IC industry venture, business management and investment, both in domestic China and abroad.

Oriza Hua focuses on investment in the whole integrated circuit industry chain, including IC design, equipment, materials, new processing technologies, key IP and R&D technical services, tool chain development, and distribution. It also focuses on the basic software, core algorithms and innovative applications of integrated circuits (such as intelligent hardware systems and emerging electronic products) in the manufacturing and application of information.

Oriza Hua aims to promote integration of IC industry. It incubates a series of semiconductor companies with innovated technology through early and growth stage investment, which exerts  synergies between start-up companies and platform-based enterprises, and fosters a new batch of new subdivision leading enterprises. Meanwhile, it helps domestic platform-based enterprises to achieve leaps and bounds through mature stage investment and M&As. Oriza Hua will actively explore domestic and international high-quality targets to help leading enterprises strengthen their core business competitiveness, to expand relevant emerging markets and to further enlarge and strengthen business.