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CStone Pharmaceuticals listed in Hong Kong

On February 26, Oriza's investment project CStone Pharmaceuticals was launched in Hong Kong with the code of "2616", becoming the 76th listed company cultivated by Oriza. In just three years, the CStone Pharmaceuticals has grown into a unicorn enterprise and successfully listed, which is a classic case of Oriza's early investment project in the park and continues to help the development of the project. Founded in 2015, CStone Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company focusing on the research and development and commercialization of cancer drugs, focusing on innovative tumor immunotherapy and molecular targeted drugs. At present, the company has 14 drug R & D pipelines, all of which are tumor immunotherapy combined therapy drugs, including three backbone candidate drugs (PD-L1, PD-1 and CTLA-4 antibodies) in clinical stage, forming one of the largest combination of oncology combined therapy in China's biopharmaceutical companies.

The management team members of CStone Pharmaceuticals are all senior executives from top international pharmaceutical companies, and have successfully built a team with clinical research and development and translational medicine as the core competitiveness. Including Dr. Jiang Ningjun, former R & D director of Sanofi China Asia Pacific region, Dr. Yang Jianxin, former vice president of Beigene, Mr. Ye Lin, former managing director of Goldman Sachs, Dr. Yuan Bin, former executive director of MSD, Dr. Wang Xinzhong, former research director of tumor immunotherapy of MSD, etc.

Since its establishment three years ago, the company has won the favor of world top investment institutions such as Oriza, Tonghe Yucheng, Boyu capital, GIC, arch venture, Sequoia Capital and Hillhead capital, with two rounds of financing of more than 412 million US dollars, effectively promoting the progress of clinical trials.

Oriza and its market-oriented platform Oriza seed established a special fund in 2016 to participate in round a financing of CStone Pharmaceuticals together with well-known investment institutions such as Tonghe Yucheng and Boyu capital, and then round B financing Oriza origin continued to follow up, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of the enterprise, and continuously providing post investment value-added services in subsequent financing, settlement in the park, listing planning, etc And finally help them to land in the capital market.

Oriza is committed to discover and cultivate the first-class domestic independent brand, and focuses on the investment of high-tech growth enterprises, especially in the field of biomedicine. It has established a complete biomedical industry chain investment platform. At present, the investment project Innovent and CStone Pharmaceuticals have been successfully listed. AXA pharmaceutical has submitted the listing application form, and the development pharmaceutical industry is actively preparing for listing. Oriza will further cultivate biomedical star enterprises and enhance the national competitiveness of biomedical industry in SIP.