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Oriza Holdings signs strategic cooperation agreement with ICBC Wealth Management

On the morning of June 6, ICBC Wealth Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICBC, held an opening ceremony in Beijing, during which five private equity investment institutions including Oriza Holdings and ICBC Wealth Management jointly Sign strategic cooperation agreement.


Oriza has close cooperation with ICBC. With its own business advantages and management capabilities, Oriza became a qualified manager of ICBC's private equity investment fund in 2017. Several funds under Yuanhe Holdings obtained investment from ICBC asset management funds, amounting to several billion yuan. This time, we established a strategic partnership with ICBC Wealth Management. The two parties will follow the state's trend of promoting supply-side reforms and deepen cooperation in equity investment business, asset management business, overseas investment and financing business, and fully leverage their respective industrial advantages. Business linkage and complementary functions promote the healthy development of the financial market and jointly serve the transformation and upgrading of the physical industry.

ICBC Wealth Management is mainly engaged in the issuance of asset management-related businesses such as public offering of wealth management products, private offering of wealth management products, wealth management consultants and consulting.